Epic Fantasy

Coming 2019

 Hellvich Castle


Peace reins through the lost land of Pantheria, and the people rejoice in their freedom from tyranny. For years, the fires of Hellvich Castle have remained cold and dead. Naught but ash...and not unlike their cruel master, Lord Val Hellvich.

But not all are content in the new quiet…

Katja wiles away her days in drunken depravity, praying to a God she no longer believes in that the dark lord will remain in his wormy grave. And that the world will forget all about Hellvendor and the demons that lived inside its walls.

When word reaches the coastal port of Crown City, that smoke once again fills the sky above Hellvendor, Katja knows the dark one has awakened. Soon his dreaded pets will hunt for the one responsible for their Master’s untimely downfall, and no one will be safe from his wrath. 

Armed with her trusty sword and a rag-tag bunch of wayward souls, Katja will brave the very fires of Hellvendor to right the wrong upon the land. 

But Pantheria’s only hope for survival rests in killing Hellvich’s Master once and for all. Only one is capable of beating him again, and that may be hard when all of Pantheria wants Katja dead.