Lost Nights

Dark Epic Urban Fantasy with a bite!

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Kiss of Blood (Free Download)

Blood is Forever
Bloody Thanks
Fire & Blood

Hunt For Blood

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Blood Lines (February 2019)

Dark Blood (Summer 2019)

Ties of Blood (Fall 2019)

Everyone has nightmares. Mine? I loved him once.

The Lost Nights series contains violence, adult themes, and dark elements. May not be suitable for young readers.

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Kiss of Blood

A Lost Nights Prequel


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Blood is Forever #1


Vampire princess, Ana Tridale, is not like other royal darklings. A member of the capital’s elite warrior unit, she is a peacekeeper between the humans and all the monsters that live inside it: both good and evil.

An unexpected tip leads Ana and her team into the capital. The streets run red around them as humans and supernaturals vanish at every turn. When Ana’s past comes back to haunt her, and she is betrayed by one of her own, everything she knows spins into a whirlwind of chaos.

Can Ana protect her people? Or will the capital’s last hope fall prey to what awaits in the dark? 

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Bloody Thanks #2


A month has passed since the hell of Missa. Since the betrayal by one of their own.
Ana, Rian, and Kael fight to come together as a team, but secrets wait around every corner, tearing them back apart.
When a young human is left hospitalized, and another local teen goes missing, it's up to Ana's team to find him before he suffers a similar fate. Can they overcome their dark pasts and solve the case? Or will the District’s newest protection unit fail under pressure? 

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Fire & Blood #3

Ana Tridale was once the vampire Princess of Georgia. Now, life without her title means life without

 Ana Tridale was once the vampire Princess of Georgia. Now, life without her title means life without resources she normally has. And some she desperately needs.
With two months of peace under her belt, odd incidents take over the streets of the District: the last haven for local supernaturals. Citizens are consumed in a fire with no source. Their bodies leaving nothing but a charred and decimated trail in the wake of what appears to be a berserker rage: a supernatural’s dip into madness.
Can Ana and her team make it out alive? Or will they go up in flames when they are tested by the power of Fire and Blood? 

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Hunt for Blood #4



My best friends were taken from me. Now, I will tear apart heaven and earth to find them…

Vampire princess, Ana Tridale, awakens from a coma to find herself at Trinity Manor. Home. Her body fights to heal itself from the hell of Mitsy Forest as her mind continues to fracture under the loss. 

Rian Cavan and Kael De Lorme are missing. Alone and injured. Somewhere. It’s up to Ana and what remains of her team to find them, taking them far from home and into the wilderness of the South. 

They will brave hell to get back to each other. But who is responsible for taking them to begin with?

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Lost Nights Box Set Vol. 1

Lost Nights Box Set Volume 1


Kiss of Blood

Blood is Forever

Blood Wings

Bloody Thanks 

Fire & Blood

Hunt for Blood

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Blood Lines #5


Some sacrifices are not worth the price…

Battered and worn down from weeks on the run, Ana, Rian, and Kael get home to a colony in shambles. But with one of their own in the enemy’s hands, there is no time to mourn past losses as Trinity sits on the brink of war.

With destruction and chaos waiting behind every corner, the trio will do anything to get their friend back. Even offer up their only home as the grand prize in a tournament for the ages. But when old faces and new allies clash in this battle royale of the good, bad, and ugly…trust will be broken and bonds will be tested.

Pitted against each other, Ana, Rian, and Kael will have to stand together if they have any hopes of coming out on top. But, when the dust settles, who will be crowned champion once and for all? 

Coming February 28, 2019

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