Seven Hells

Circle of Fire


 After years of running from her heritage and her past, Asya Kynavor has sworn off any chance at a normal life. Sworn off men. When she is picked up by Fleshers, supernatural traffickers, and put up for sale on the Dark Market, she knows any chance to escape her personal demons is gone.

Demyan Ravencroft, one of the Seven Princes of Hell, wants nothing to do with the do-good society that shunned his kin. With his coronation weeks away, he doesn’t need any complications. Especially not little Market slaves. But when Asya takes center stage, he can’t deny the curiosity she sparks.

As the bidding begins, Demyan realizes he isn’t the only one interested. But if he can keep them alive long enough, the dark Prince will be the only one to possess her.

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Ice Wrath


Coming Early 2019

The Devil's Luck


Coming Summer 2019

Dark Ties



Coming Valentines Day 2019


Vampire captain Ruin Wade serves justice. His way. Bloody, lethal, and made to kill, Ruin has one hope in his damned existence: his job. 

Lilah Marks knows that monsters are real. Caught up in the supernatural mob, Lilah is stuck in a life she never wanted…and one she cannot escape alive

When a new drug hits the streets and all of Ruin’s intel points to Lilah’s guardian, it leaves her at the mercy of bloodthirsty supernaturals with nowhere else to go. Drawn in by her frail humanity, or maybe just the blood in her veins, Ruin offers Lilah what she has always wanted--a way out.

But Ruin will have to prove that a monster can be a good guy if he has any hope of leaving his mark on Lilah's heart.

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Coming Spring 2019

Standalone Novels

River Wild


Coming 2019